TNT is a block that player can use to make an explosion.


It’s possible to broke TNT with any tool or without it. But the activated TNT can’t be broken because it turns to an entity.


TNT crafting.jpg

To craft a TNT the player needs: Gunpowder x5 and Sand(Red Sand) x4

Natural Generation

TNT (0-64) can be found in village chests/dungeon chests.


To active a TNT the player can use:

  • Flint and Steel
  • Signal of Electrium (Electrium Torch, Lever, Button, Tripwire Hook etc.)
  • Contact with fire or lava
  • TNT should be placed in the area of the explosion
  • Fire from a Dispenser


After activation TNT turns to an entity so the player can’t destroy or deactivate it. But it's possible to prevent the destruction of blocks nearby by pouring the water around the TNT. Exploding in the water, TNT doesn't destroy blocks that are in the explosion area. However players and mobs receive a damage.

Being activated, TNT becomes a subject to the force of gravity.

Damage is maximum in the center of the explosion and decreases to the edges. TNT can destroy any blocks except obsidian, anvils and sources of liquids.


The player can use TNT to create various traps. As example, a tripwire hook or pressure plate, that are connected to TNT with the help of Electrium.

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