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Mining is one of the main activities. It allows to destroy blocks and as a result to obtain blocks for crafting and building.


To mine some block the player should tap and hold it. At this moment the player begin to swing with his hand and the block decays. Each type of blocks (wooden blocks, stone blocks etc.) has its own sound of destroying. During mining, cracks appear over the surface of the block. The range of destroying is 12 blocks (Creative) and 6 blocks (Survival). If the distance is more, nothing happens. While tapping, the block will be highlighted with light gray colour.

An overwhelming majority of blocks can be mined with bare hands, but some blocks need special tools. As example, if the player wants to get resources from a stone block it's necessary to use a pickaxe. Also the speed of mining increases while using special tools. Thus, to increase the mining speed of wooden blocks it's necessary to use an axe. Tools have a durability, thus, depending on the conditions of using, they wear down.

If the player doesn't release the finger from the screen of device, after destroying of the selected block, next blocks also will be destroyed.

Mining Speed

There're some factors that affecting the speed of mining such as the block's type, the way how the player mines blocks (bare hands, type of tool). Each block has its own hardness that determines the amount of time that is necessary to mine the block.

Best Tools for the Fastest Mining of Blocks







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