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Crafting is a way to create a lot of items, blocks, etc. To craft some stuff the player should place ingredients for crafting from his backpack to a crafting grid. There are two types of a crafting grid:

  • a 2x2 crafting grid (in the backpack of the player)
Backpack grid.jpg
  • a 3x3 crafting grid (in the crafting table)
Craftingtable grid.jpg

Crafting System

There's no need to place items in the crafting grid by your own. It happens automatically. If there are all the items in the backpack the player needs for crafting of certain item/block etc., the corresponding icon of this item/block etc. appears at the left part of the crafting table/backpack interface. By tapping this icon, the recipe of item/block etc. appears automatically at the right part of the interface (crafting grid). To craft it the player should tap the green button under the crafting grid. The result of crafting is displayed on this button. The crafted item will automatically be placed into player's backpack.

If the player doesn't have one of required items for crafting, the icon at the left part of interface still appears but it's impossible to craft it.

Crafting Recipes

Crafting recipes for all items/blocks are placed in corresponding articles.



Axe and Pickaxe Crafting