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Breeding is one of game mechanics that allows to breed animals using some certain food. The goal of breeding - the creation of new animals.


To breed some animal the player should use a special food item. When the animal detects its food in player's hand, it starts to follow the player until the moment the player stops holding the item or the process of breeding begins. The baby version of animals appears as a result of breeding.

Love Mode

To make an animal enter to the "love mode" the player should feed the animal with a certain food item. The player should place an item in his hand and tap the "Feed" button, being beside the animal. Heart particles are the indicator that the animal is in the "love mode". To provide breeding two members of species should be fed. After feeding the second of two animals, they approach each other. The distance between animals should be up to 8 blocks.

Two cows are in the "Love mode"

Animals start to kiss for 2.5 seconds and a baby version of the same species appears between parents. As a result of breeding an orb with a small amount of experience appears. After breeding, same animals can't be entered into the "love mode" for 5 minutes.

A baby version of animals will follow its parents for 20 minutes. After this period of time, it will grow up to the full size. The growing up of some baby animals can be accelerated using special food items. 

Food Items

Mob Item Name Item Icon
Horse Golden Apple
Golden apple.png
Golden Carrot
Golden carrot.png
Sheep and Cow Wheat

Seeds/Melon Seeds/

Pumpkin Seeds/

Beetroot Seeds

GIF Seeds.gif
Pig Carrot
Tamed Wolf



GIF pork.gif
Raw Beef/Steak
GIF beef.gif
Raw/Cooked Chicken
GIF chicken.gif
Raw/Cooked Lion
GIF lion.gif

Raw/Cooked Bear


GIF bear.gif
Raw/Cooked Rabbit
GIF rabbit.gif
Tamed Ocelot Raw Fish
Raw fish.png
Raw Salmon
Raw salmon.png
Rabbit Carrot/Golden Carrot
GIF carrot.gif

Baby version of animals

A baby animal is a small version of its parent. The player can't interact with baby animals like

Baby animal.png

with usual mobs: lamb can't be trimmed, chick doesn't lay eggs, calf can't be milked. A baby version of some animal follows one of its parents until the moment it grows up. Being killed, the baby animal doesn't drop any loot or experience stars. Baby versions of animals can be spawned in two ways: as a result of breeding and as a result of using the egg spawner. In the last case, the baby animal starts to follow the nearest animal of its species.



Breeding of Cows